Weight Plan
In 1993 Cambridge products were introduced onto the Polish market by Hol-Trade Ltd. which entered into cooperation with Cambridge Manufacturing Company Limitedt

What is
Cambridge Weight Plan?

Cambridge Weight Plan is the basis of a flexible range of weight management programmes aimed at both men and women. Cambridge Weight Plan products can be used as the sole source of nutrition for fast, predictable weight loss with nutritional assurance, or with conventional food for more gradual weight loss or weight maintenance and nutritional supplementation. Our programmes range from 415 kcal to 1500+ kcal per day and are all nutritionally balanced to provide you with your Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamins and minerals.
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Interview with Cambridge Weight Plan
creator – professor Alan Howard

Why did you begin researching diets?
I began to think about dieting, short after I began to live with my wife. My lifestyle has changed drastically, I was spending more time at home and I became less physically active. The new lifestyle resulted in weight gain.
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